Harvest hosts is a service for finding locations including wineries, breweries, and farms that allow free overnight parking to self-contained Vans and RVs.

There are 1170+ locations across the U.S. You can search for locations in the web site and filter by type of location. On the mobile app, you can simply tap the Nearby icon and view a map of points in your vicinity. To stay at a host, it’s required that you call ahead. At most locations, the number of spots is limited. Expect to see only 1 or a few possible parking spots.

When you get, there you are expected to be self-sufficient and self contained, which means that you do not have a need for toilets or power at the location. Rules will depend on your host. Since most locations are private businesses like wineries, etiquette suggests that you should patronize the business. This should be obvious, since parking on someone’s property is basically free, be prepared to thank your host with your business.

Membership is required, with a base price of $79/year as of 2020. The $119/year Golf package gives you access to golf courses and country clubs.