Cascade Campers

Affordable custom built Promaster City camper
Cascade Campers converts Promaster City vans with the core amenities at an affordable price.

About the build

Cascade Campers are a small team that works out of Grass Valley, California. Their goal is to provide a financially accessible solution for the masses by building a van that doubles as your daily car. Their build provides the core amenities of bed, sink, fridge, and power in the small Promaster City van. Their build is based on 2015 or older Promaster City van that you will have to acquire, and comes in around $8,000.

The build looks well thought out and sensible for a van of this size. Cabinetry is constructed of pre-finished Birch plywood using stainless steel fasteners. Power is modest and appropriately fitted with 100w solar panel and isolator to charge the 75ah battery. 2 each of USB and 12v charging ports are provded, along with a 400-watt inverter.


  • Conversion Bed
  • Sink
  • Water Pump
  • Fridge
  • Insulation
  • Table
  • Solar Power
  • Cabin Lights
  • Inverter
  • Fan

  • My take

    If you're able to travel light and are on a budget, this is a very attractive solution for a weekender van. Because it's built on the small Promaster City, it would also be easy to maneuver around cities for daily driving and stealth camping. I love that their build is sensible without feeling cheap. It looks polished and well suited to a single driver in particular.

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