Oasis Camper Vans

Camper conversion for minivans
Oasis Camper Vans is a camper conversion company located in Lafayette, CO that builds cabinetry for minivans. Their kits are designed specifically for the Toyota Sienna or Dodge Grand Caravan.

About the build

The minivan build includes a full kitchen, running water, full size bed with memory foam mattress, built-in chair, Lagun dining table, privacy curtains, and storage cabinets. Available options include cabinet staining, AC adapter plug, outdoor table, and a zippered storage pouch behind sliding door. Customization options are possible.


  • Conversion Bed
  • Sink
  • Manual Water Pump
  • Fridge
  • Window Covers
  • Table

  • My take

    This kit offers the basics for sleeping in your van comfortably for short trips. Because the kitchen set up is smart and simple, with a hand pump faucet and no fridge, it would serve minimalists and weekenders. The front seating and bed setup looks very practical for one. It might be a decent car camping set up for two.

    Learn more about this builder at oasiscampervans.com or compare features against other vans.

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