Recon Campers

Westy-inspired Nissan pop-top camper van
Recon Campers builds a Nissan pop-top camper van inspired by the ageless VW Westfalia that's small enough to park in your garage.

About the build

Recon Campers conversions are based on the Nissan NV00, a small-sized cargo van that has become popular in commercial applications. They're used as NYC Taxis these days. Compared to larger vans, the smaller size means ease of maneuverability around town, better gas mileage, and the ability to park it in garage.

Recon requires you to acquire a van on your own, and they can direct you to dealers. When your build is scheduled, you purchase and ship the van to their facility in Michigan for conversion.

There are several options to choose from. The Envy is the full build including pop-top, back bench seating that converts into a bed with under-seat drawers, cabinet system housing closet, kitchen drawer, fresh and grey water system and powered automatic sink, and stainless steel compressor fridge. The rear houses more storage cabinets and a water heater with hose, useful for outdoor showers and gear clean up. A touch-screen LCD panel provides controls for electrical functions like the water pump and lights connected to the 100 Ah Lithium Ion house battery, and shows water and battery levels. The battery is connected to the van's alternator with an isolator for recharging as you drive.

Other weekender build options include the weekender which leaves out the pop-top and is a good option for stealth campers, or you can order just the rear seat or just the pop-top.

Options for all builds include a solar panel, an awning, 2-bike rack that attaches to the back doors, roof rack cross bars, front door bug screens, and a bike repair stand built into the rear doors.


  • Rear Seats
  • Conversion Bed
  • Pop-Top
  • Sink
  • Water Pump
  • Water Heater
  • Fridge
  • Insulation
  • Window Covers
  • Table
  • Stove
  • Solar Power
  • Isolator
  • Cabin Lights
  • Inverter (Optional)
  • Fan (Optional)
  • Awning (Optional)
  • Bike Storage (Optional)
  • Roof Rack (Optional)

  • My take

    I have a Recon Camper. It's my primary vehicle and I use it around town, chaffeuring my kids around, as my weekender and my vacation camper. I decided on a small van because I love car camping, but as I get older I want to be more comfortable and get out of the tent. I also need a van that has at least 3 or ideally 4 seats, and I didn't want to pay significantly more than I would buying a nice car. With a 50-60K budget, their build fit these types of needs well.

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