Wayfarer Vans

Plug-n-play camper van kits for RAM Promaster and Ford Transit
Wayfarer Vans makes "Plug N Play Camper Van Kits" for RAM Promaster and Ford Transit. Their kits are made to be installed in a day, and utilize elegant, simple ideas true to their tagline, "Van Life Simplified."

About the kit

Ian, the independent builder based in Colorado, started out making a minimalist build kit for the diminutive Promaster City van that could be shipped to your door and self-assembled. They have since expanded to include the high top Promaster and Ford Transit, and now do installations on site in their facility in a day.

The larger van kits include floors, wall and ceiling paneling with wool insulation, a bed platform, kitchen cabinet with hand pump sink and graywater tank, shelving and boot box. Add-on options include additional under-bed storage, hide-away table, insulated partition for the cab and Maxx Air Fan including insulation.


  • Fixed Bed
  • Sink
  • Manual Water Pump
  • Insulation
  • Window Covers
  • Table
  • Fan (Optional)

  • My Take

    Wayfarer has a some pretty great testimonials from owners on their site. From what I've seen following the #wayfarervans hashtag on Instagram, there are plenty of people posting about their adventures enjoying their Wayfarers.

    I love the spirit of this small approachable company and the community they're building around their product. When I'm ready to move up to a larger van, I'll probably seek out a high top like the RAM Promaster. I may have to consider Wayfarer. Check them out!

    Learn more about this kit at wayfarervans.com or compare features against other kits.

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